The Championship will be held at the Conference Hall and the Knight´s Hall of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Entrance A, Valdštejnská street, Prague 1 on 13th of May 2018. 

Seat of the Senate is in the heart of the old Prague, close to the Prague´s castle. There is an easy guide how to go there using underground transportaion (metro).

You can see at below attached map the metro station (green sign with M inside) which has name Malostranská. When you will leave this metro station turn right and go through small park and at its exit turn left to the Valdštejnská street. It is around 3 minutes of walk to the entrance of the Senate (red A sign on the map below).


Proposed date of the Championship is May 2018

First round of the Championship in the Conference hall will be individual - each participant is answering questions without any outside help


Second part of the Championship - final - will be in the Knight´s Hall 


Final part of the Championship is whole team effort - below you can see the team which have just found the right place of quotation in the Bible and his member is riging the bell to annonce it to the Jury. This very team won the 7. Czech Bible Championship